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DH&YY- Huddersfield’s Leading Clinic for Chinese Acupuncture and Massage


The Clinic


The clinic has been the leading traditional Acupuncture Specialist in Huddersfield for over a decade. It was historically located in Kingsgate Shopping Centre, in heart of Huddersfield for over 10 years. 


Since then we have grown considerably and in December 2010, we moved to an even larger premises: 18 Cross Church Street HD1 2PT, just off the high street.


We are offering a wide range of therapies, which enable patients to have areas of choice when taking care of their health and well-being.

We give consultations for the customers who have given up trying western medicines and would like a natural, healthier cure to their health problems. We treat many conditions that are diagnosed as incurable including infertility, severe pains, depression and many more.

About the Practioner

Dr Huang has had five years of formal training on traditional Chinese medicines and acupuncture in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.


Since then, he worked his way up to be the Head Acupuncturist in 1991 at one of the best hospitals in the city of Zhenjiang, before his move to the UK in 2006.


With his extensive knowledge, he had treated a wide range of medical illness with the use of acupuncture and other techniques such as reflexology, acupressure, cupping along with chinese herbal remedies, which treated infertility, severe pains, depression and many more.


Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 19.47.23.jpeg

Dr Huang lecturing at Huddersfield University

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