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Back Pain


Back pain is commonly considered to be a nerve impingement syndrome, (pinched nerve).When something is pinching one of these nerves as it exits the spine, it causes pain. The Chinese medicine sees these pains as having several possible causes.

Qi stagnation- stagnation of the energy that circulates throughout your body through the network of channels and meridians. Acupuncture is extremely effective at treating this frequent cause of back pain without having any effect on the mechanics of the situation.

Blood Stagnation – caused by specific trauma to the back e.g. caused by heavy lifting, a sports injury, or perhaps a car accident, or even prolonged tensed muscles due to emotional stress.

Damp Heat- back pain , normally in the lower back, which is associated with infection in the urinary tract or other area.

Kidney Pathology- caused by Yin deficiency. You may experience sudden lower back pain, hot flashes, night sweats, tinnitus, irritability, restlessness and the feeling that your hands and feet are too hot.

We simply insert needles near the location of the pain and at a few other strategic locations to stimulate the desired area and the pain goes away. Sometimes we also do some manipulation of the spine, but we don’t do perform surgery to remove a herniated disc, or perform any other invasive procedure and, yet, the pain is relieved.

Backaches are common among people everywhere and thanks to the expansion of traditional Chinese medicine , people are coming to appreciate the old medical wisdom of the Orient. This is especially true with regard to the alleviation of back pain.

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